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Lavinia Brown 
Reparenting Your Inner Child To Clear Generational Trauma 
(And Become A Better Mama!)

Sandra Woznicki 
The 3 Essential Keys to Releasing Anxiety 

Erica Diamond
How to Create Your Self-Care Regime

Micole Noble 
The Importance of a Daily Practice 

Heidi Hauer 
Finding Love, Peace and Health

From the Hustle to the Flow 

Hunter Clarke-Fields
Raising Good Humans 

Catherine Scherwenka
Inner Peace - The Craft of using Meditation as Medication

Theresa Lear Levine
Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to Manage 
the Daily Challenges of Motherhood 

Christina Tidwell
Food as Fuel, How to Eat for Energy 

Lisa Meta
Chakra Integration Breath Journey 

Christine Garvin
How Gut Health, Your Liver and Adrenals 
Impact Your Hormones

Sara Mueller
The Most Important Choice To Make For Feel-Good Balance 
In Both Business And Family Life

Jesse Harless
Healing Trauma and Emotional Addictions

Sandy Zeldes
Finding Peace in Troubling Times 
Using Functional Nutrition, EFT and Divine Guidance

Jennifer Kolari 
CALM is Your Parenting Superpower

Pam Howard
Calming Your Overwhelmed Mind

Sarah Bragg
A Mother's Guide to Mothering Herself  

Rajni Tripathi 
Awakening the Feminine Within

Kelly Van Zandt
Powerful Postpartum

Jema Lee 
Awakening Your Menstrual Cycle

Anna Sewald
How to be a Calm Parent  

Jackie Viramontez
Medication Free Ways to Transform Your Relationship to Anxiety

McKel Kooienga
Create Balanced Eating Habits for Life

Shonda Moralis 
Ditching Mom Guilt

Shereen Yusuff 
Self-Transformation Through Breath and Cold
An Introduction to the Wim Hof Method

Andrea Baykir 
Beginning the Journey Within

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