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Dr. Mary Ayers 
Addressing the Root Belief of "Not Feeling Enough"

Sarah Nykoruk
Tapping Into the Power of Your Subconscious

Rachel Duffy 
Powerfully Grounded Parenting 

Sara Mueller 
Mastering Time Management

Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald
Mindful Mum - Calm Mum

Sandi Schwartz
  Raising Loving Siblings 

Stephanie Pinto
How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids

Julie Reisler 
The Surprising Healing Power of Coaching, Whether You’re a Coach or Not 

Jackie Viramontez
An Empathic People Pleasers Guide to EFT Tapping 

Sarah Ezrin
Beautiful Mess of Motherhood

Stephanie Wood 
Using EFT to Help With Stress

Erica Lasan 
JOYrney To Purpose: Rediscover JOY!

Ali Owens
Mindfulness in Modern Day Motherhood 

Natalie Cook 
How to Bring Your Best Self to Parenting and Show Up as the Mom You Want to Be  

Melissa Schwartz
Understanding your Highly Sensitive Child

Pam Howard
Calming Your Overwhelmed Mind

Heather Nardi
Being Highly Sensitive and a Parent

Linda Ljucovic 
Increasing Your Energy to Navigate the Challenges of Motherhood

Lara Dawn
3 Essential Steps in Staying CALM as a Parent

Stacy Cohen 
Using the Breath to Go From Chaos to Calm 

Dawn Calvinisti 
How to Use Essential Oils Daily to Reduce Overwhelm & Stress

Andrea Baykir 
Tools to Reduce the Overwhelm and Stress

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